Flight Mileage Credit Request

As a Frontier Airlines FRONTIER Miles® member, you can earn miles for flights already taken, provided you have traveled on an eligible1 Frontier Airlines flight within the past 180 days. Not a FRONTIER Miles member yet? Join Now to start earning those miles!

How to Request Retroactive Credit

  1. Check your FRONTIER Miles account online to be sure your recent flights were not posted. Please note that miles take 3 business days from date of travel to post to accounts.
  2. Add your flight confirmation code in the “Add Trips” box. (Hint: you can find this about midway down your profile page on the right-hand side).
  3. Provided the name on the ticket matches your FRONTIER Miles account, you will receive your miles in 24-48 business hours.

Customer Information

Provide additional information below if needed.

1 The following are not considered qualifying Frontier Airlines tickets: award tickets or free tickets of any kind; tickets issued under trade/barter agreements with Frontier; refunded, forfeited and unused tickets; charter flights; any person traveling on airline passes; and/or industry or agency discount tickets including, but not limited to, airline staff and travel agent tickets and tickets purchased for additional seats to carry excess baggage, pets or to provide extra space for the passenger.

  • To earn miles for an upcoming trip, simply provide your FRONTIER Miles account number at time of booking or check-in.
  • To ensure proper mileage credit, be sure to reference your FRONTIER Miles account number when using the services of our Program Partners.